Launched in 2020, Oya is the UK’s first money transfer service designed exclusively for – and in collaboration with – the UK’s Nigerian community. This fresh and ambitious product needed a brand identity that reflected the values of its community of users, and emphasise the simplicity and speed of use. We based Oya’s primary colours on the vibrant green of the Nigerian flag, along with rich, saturated golds and guava-corals, while the logo itself emphasises speed and simplicity. We also created image direction, typography and iconography, tone of voice and assisted with the launch through media and PR services.

“We turned to Vantage Media to create the branding for our new mobile money remittance service, Oya. Designed for – and in collaboration with – the UK’s one-million-plus Nigerian community, Vantage was able to capture the spirit and character of the project from the start, allowing Oya to capture the imagination of a niche international market with confidence and personality from the start.”

Jay Wissema, Director, Oya