Tempus Magazine meets the new faces of haute horology

Mark Ronson joins Audemars Piguet, leading a cool and creative wave of watch fans joining our favourite brands

February 20, 2022
2 mins

Tempus Magazine meets the new faces of haute horology

Mark Ronson joins Audemars Piguet, leading a cool and creative wave of watch fans joining our favourite brands

From the Editor:

Do you ever stop and wonder where the hours have flown? Whether it’s a busy day at the office or the realisation that, somehow, March is suddenly closing in, we all have periods where time seems to slip away without our say so. For many of us, that could easily describe periods of the last two years, where the relentless cycle of lockdowns kept people from all walks of life experiencing Groundhog Day.

The sensation of wasted time can leave us feeling adrift or burnt out, and as we learn to live with Covid-19and throw ourselves back into the rhythm of city life, is it any wonder that our desire to make up for lost time is at the centre of so many of our conversations?

Yet, throwing ourselves into the other extreme can feel just as wasteful in an age when work/life balance, self-care and mindful practises have become essential goals for post-pandemic living – far outgrowing their roots as trendy self-help fads.

Late last year, I was invited to The Netherlands to discuss luxury travel trends for Heesen’s YachtTalk series. During the show, our host asked us how we define true luxury. This is a question I am asked frequently in my role and, usually, I look to the luxury’s sector’s innovation, unbeatable flare for storytelling and determined focus to create unique experiences for my answer. Instead, I realised I would now define true luxury as time.

How do we choose to spend our precious time? Who do we want to share our time with? Where we devote our efforts on our own time is, perhaps, the truest measure of luxury in a world that places constant demands upon us.

This is echoed by a new wave of influential entrepreneurs known as Time Millionaires, who define their wealth by something more than material riches. Read more about how you, too, can cash in on this rising trend on page 28.

Elsewhere in this issue, we meet the cool and creatives superstars of sport and music who are joining the world’s biggest watch brands in our cover story on page38, and take a daring drive to the summit of Mt Etna –the world’s most active volcano – to test the mettle of theLamborghini Urus (22) as well as chat to Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner ahead of the new Formula One season (18). We also invite you to join us at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons with chef Raymond Blanc (64),discover the hottest members’ gyms in London (46), and much more besides.

We hope you enjoy the issue, and find that your time with us is truly well spent.

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