6 reasons why your company needs a new logo design

Is your company ready for a change or overdue an update? Here are just a few reasons why a new logo will revitalise your brand

April 10, 2022
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6 reasons why your company needs a new logo design

Is your company ready for a change or overdue an update? Here are just a few reasons why a new logo will revitalise your brand

When it comes to promoting your company or brand, nothing creates a more instant impact than a contemporary professional logo. The foundation of a company’s visual identity, your logo is the best way to make a winning first impression on your customers, whether you are launching into a new market or getting ready to scale to new heights.

While great logos combine imagery, colour theory and typography to tell your brand story – and create instant and lasting recognition from your target audience – the truly exceptional can give a taste of your services, heritage or values, letting your customers know who you are and what you can offer them. So, it’s important to consider not only how you want to be seen in your market sector, but also what you want to stand for– what is your unique story, and can your logo help to anchor that story in a compelling, visual way?

A great example of this is fast food giant McDonalds, whose iconic golden arches on a vibrant red background are bright and fun, exuding a family-friendly, on-the-go vibe. Similarly, Apple’s sleekly minimalist but organic image of an apple (with a single bite taken from it) is synonymous with the brand’s market-leading innovation, simplicity of design and focus on intuitive, user-friendly tech.

In today’s world, logos must be versatile and creative across a brand’s products and digital media alike. We look at just a few reasons it might be time for a new brand identity…


1. Refresh a tired or out of date brand

For heritage or legacy companies with a long history of exceptional service in their fields, it would be foolish to risk knocking the confidence of loyal clients by reinventing the wheel. However, it’s also important that your brand design stays relevant and communicates your position asa market leader. A refreshed look can take digital needs, new audiences and modern marketing into account, maintaining the identity of your historic logo but bringing it into the modern age.


2. Move with the times and put clients first

Business have experienced unprecedented challenges in recent years – from Covid-19 to Brexit – and if you are one of the thousands of UK brands that successfully pivoted your client offering to survive and thrive, then it’s time to shout about your success. As your Business offering shifts, or new markets are discovered, it is important to ensure your logo and branding are communicating effectively – and not stuck in the past.


3. Create a more versatile digital brand

As more client acquisition or audience connection happens online, particularly across social media, it is more important than ever to have a versatile logo that is designed to be memorable and works with the algorithms. This might mean bold colours and appealing imagery, short and snappy messages, or modified and adaptable logos that allow your brand to standout in different market segments. With a versatile, agile logo design, you can be the soul of reinvention in any fast-moving sector.


4. Communicate your brand values

We know that great branding adds financial value to a company, but it also stays in the hearts and minds of your clients. As your services progress and grow, your core values can be a solid anchor for your branding, linking different services and goals together and allowing your clients to stay on the journey with you. The slightest updates, from tone to typography, can evoke an emotional understanding in your clients – what is the core emotion you want to portray? Whether trust, optimism, modernity, fun or responsibility are your key tenets, that can be communicated at a glance.


5. Build trust and confidence in your brand

Did you know that 86% of shoppers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social media? This means that companies who can tell their story consistently across marketing platforms are more likely to see a return of investment from their marketing efforts – and nothing tells a story or shows your authenticity better than a strong logo that reflects your values.

6. Stand out from the crowd

Logo design is the foundation for your company’s brand narrative and visual style. It can be emotive, inspiring trust and confidence in your professional services at a glance, triggering positive recall about your brand and helping to entice new clients and customers. The power of great branding can’t be understated – especially those that are simple, meaningful and differentiates you from your rivals. Simply put, a great logo gives you staying power while making sure your brand never blends in with the crowd.


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